It was mid of 2016…

...when my life took a sharp turn. I went through a professional, personal and emotional crisis. It pushed me to the extent of ending my own life. All my life, I was excellent at my academics and work. But this phase broke me so hard that I almost stopped believing in my capabilities and started blaming others for my failures. It was the most painful moment of my life (like we all have tough times).

It was then when I just wanted to be free and liberated. But I realized that being free is not about the absence of crisis and challenges in life. Pain and Challenges are what make you feel alive. They bring the best in you.

I was just an ordinary guy like anyone else until I decided to act and take charge of my life. I decided to take full responsibility for what was happening to me. I decided to make a change. The mindset I developed helped me to face my fears and vulnerabilities to embrace greatness.

I said to myself, "Enough Keshav, you are not this suffering, you have a bigger purpose in life. This pain is just to make you even stronger. You have to bring people out of such tough challenges and help them become their best versions". Then I decided not just to live but to live a life that can inspire people around me. Since then I am on a mission to touch the lives of as many people as possible. I’m determined to help millions of people to gain advantage through their adversities and emerge as their best versions.

Therefore, I started talking to people about the system which I used not only to recover but to thrive. A system which enabled me to take massive actions. Massive actions for unleashing my true potential and live the life I had always dreamed of. This system helped me to Rewire my life and completely transform the way I think, behave, work and live. I conduct group sessions and seminars to share this valuable idea with as many people as possible.

On request of participants from my seminars, I compiled this idea in the form of a book: Rewire  for Massive Success: A 90 Days Guide to Transform your Mindset. This book is a manual that has everything which I used to bring myself back on track within a span of 90 days. I did this because I know how it feels to go through such a dark phase in life.

I feel fortunate that because of the love and blessings of people around me, this book became Amazon #1 Best-Selling Book on Amazon.in. It's a well-structured program based on Time-Tested Concepts with Proven Results to help you become SUPER-PRODUCTIVE not just at work but in Personal Life too.

A lot of students and early professionals…

...with big dreams to chase and not sure from where to start to, they go through such challenging phases. Each one of us has his/her share of challenges, pain, and misery. Life doesn't spare anyone. I am here to provide my help through any means possible.

Decide to take charge of your life and whatever happens to you. Show courage and move ahead. You will conquer any kind of difficulties and emerge as a person you always wanted to be.

I can assure you, if you decide to act, you can overcome any challenge in your life. I invite you and encourage you to be a part of this mission to come along. I'm enjoying this beautiful journey. 

To make your journey even easier, I have created a platform called Selfhelpiness.com. Check out your Selfhelpiness Quotient for free to find out how equipped you are to help yourself grow in life.

Would you like to join in and make your life a wonderful journey?

I'm sure, you would!

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