How to stay focused?

stay focused on goals

Have you ever struggled to work consistently on your goals?

How many times have you got distracted, confused or lost faith?

Isn’t that what happens with most of us every single day?

We fight with ourselves. We question our beliefs.

We do our best to convince ourselves that we are in the right direction. But one single negative thought takes us back to square one.

We feel as if we have just fallen from a sky scraper.

So, how do you make sure that no matter what happens you stay as firm as a rock?

What does it take to keep moving despite of unending challenges?

Here are 7 ways which can help you stay on track if practiced on regular basis. You may choose to try any one or more or all of them. Choice is yours, but it is worth doing. This is what I have learnt through my own challenges in life.



stay focused on goals

Take a pause on regular basis and reflect. Self-introspect your journey.

Analyze your strengths and points for improvements.

There are several ways to take this pause.

  1. Meditation: Start or end your day with a session of meditation. Be with yourself.
  2. Walk: Take a quick walk on the terrace or in the park. Be with nature and observe silence.
  3. Read: Spend some time reading good books. Read books which inspire you. Read books about people who have done something different to create huge impact.
  4. Family/Friends: Spend time with your loved ones and people who motivate you. Connect with them regularly.
  5. Interests: Pursue your hobbies and interests. Spend some time doing what you love. Become better at it.

These are just some examples. You can find many more. Such pauses will refresh you and recharge you for the next challenge. When you take a pause, you kill your fatigue and frustration.



stay focused on goals

Remind yourself about your goals or whatever you want to do on regular basis. Keep yourself in touch with inspiring quotes. Some of the ways could be:

  1. Write it down in your personal diary/journal and look at it regularly.
  2. Make a note and keep it on your study table or work desk.
  3. Write it down on a sticky note and paste it in your room so that you can see it frequently.
  4. Create a wall paper in your cell phone, laptop or computer.
  5. Set up a reminder in your phone.
  6. Share your goals with your family and trustworthy friends so that they keep reminding you whenever you meet them. 


stay focused on goals

Take out time to thank the almighty for all His blessings and gifts in your life. Being grateful for all the good things in your life.

Thank Him for not so good things as well because they make us stronger and a better person.

Everything happens for a reason. You should have faith in His plan and keep learning as you move forward. 



stay focused on goals

Be honest and truthful not just towards others but to yourself as well.

It’ll give you strength and determination. The more you hide, the more clutter you gather in your mind. That baggage will become a burden.

You’ll be able to think with clarity when your foundation is based on truth. 

If you are true to yourself, you will be able to define right set of goals for you and work on them successfully.



stay focused on goals

Forgiving people easily makes you feel lighter.

Often we hold grudges and resentment towards several people in our life. But we forget that, unknowingly, we are carrying a huge burden on our head.

The faster we forgive people, the faster we move on our path towards our goals.

But the longer we hold on to this bitterness, the weaker we become from inside.

People who forgive easily are far stronger than those of who don’t.

Always remember, forgiveness is a strength, not weakness. It needs courage.



stay focused on goals

Share what you have.

Sharing is not always about giving away money.

You can share your good thoughts, knowledge, emotions and love.

You can make people feel good about themselves. You make them believe in themselves and move forward on a path to success.

Sharing your love and respecting others is one of the most beautiful gifts which one can offer.



stay focused on goals

Last but the most important of all. Believe in what you want to do. 

Until unless you are convinced, nobody else will and when you are convinced then you don’t need to bother whether anybody else is convinced or not. 


You may find some of the ways too simple or you may have read them somewhere else as well.

This is something which I experienced myself and sharing with you. These enable you to work for your goals and successfully achieve them. There are times when you fail, but those failures don’t define you. A failure is nothing but just another milestone on your journey to success.

Use them as your learning and move forward. They are just to Rewire you for Massive Success.

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