The Biggest Reason, Why I Failed…


How to be successful

There I was, on a cliff so high,

From where, it seemed easy to touch the sky,

All I needed, just a pair of wings to fly,

But all I did, was cry, cry and cry.


My broken wings, hurting with pain,

Saying, there’s nothing to gain,

Your efforts always go in vain,

All there is, pain, pain and pain,


But my Heart, But my Heart, said,

Let’s give it a try,

Let’s give it a try,

Let’s fly, let’s fly…

How to avoid failure


You keep talking to yourself…

Whenever I try to wake up on time, I end up hitting the snooze button.

Whenever I try to speak-up my mind, I feel shy and stay calm.

Whenever I try to follow a healthy diet, my friends force me to eat out.

Whenever I try to do something new, I end up procrastinating.

Whenever, whenever, whenever…

Whenever I try to put some effort, I fail.




So what?

Who doesn’t fail???

But does that mean you should stop making attempts?


These excuses seem to be as real as much life YOU put into them.

You’ll have to decide whether you want all these “Whenever’s” to stay forever in your life or you want to stop them right away to become a better version of yourself.

Making these “Whenever” statements is the easiest way to escape from what you must do. It shifts the locus of responsibility from inside to outside. And you stop growing.

Take an example of a plant. Although it gets resources like water, nutrients and sunlight from outside but it grows from inside out, and not vice-versa.

You can use as much resources as possible but you will grow from inside and you’ll have to take the responsibility for that. If you really want to grow in life, always keep the locus of responsibility inward.

Whenever you try to resort to these “whenever’s”, you tend to demolish the building of your dreams, your vision.

Understand it with this analogy,

Whatever dream or vision you have, it is just like a structure, a building, a palace.


All of us dream about it in great details.

How does it look like,

How does it feel like,

In our dreams, we stay in this palace, we enjoy the feeling and we want it to turn into reality as soon as possible.

But most of the time, it crashes down before we even realize. Isn’t it?  

Take a moment and recall all those beautiful palaces you had built in your mind which never became reality.

With how much care and passion you thought about it at that moment but now you can only find its remains. And whenever you think about it, you feel sad because you know that you could do it but somehow, because of one or the other reason you couldn’t.

It happens with all of us at different points in life.


When I published my first e-book a couple of years back, nobody came to know about it, nobody bought it. I had a dream of becoming a best-selling author. But it didn’t happen. My dream was shattered.

Building of my dreams crashed straight into the ground with no clue about what just happened.

Disappointment and frustration crept in, to make my life more difficult. Some of the friends would support me by saying “try again” and some would laugh it off behind my back.

I wanted to try again but how to make sure that my dream doesn’t fall apart once again.

I always kept wondering, why did it happen, why did it fall apart?


Have you ever seen a building or a house?

I know it might be the lamest question to ask. But if you have noticed a building or a house carefully, no matter how tall or beautiful it is, there is one thing that makes it stand firmly on the ground.

What’s that?

Yes! Foundation. It’s the foundation.

Can you imagine a building to stand without its foundation, even for a second?

No, absolutely not!!

We all know this, the stronger the foundation is, the stronger the building will be. It’s the strong foundation that makes a building stand firmly on the ground even during storms and earthquakes.

People tell you to THINK BIG, DREAM BIG. Thanks to them.

But what they don’t tell you is how to give strength to that BIG DREAM, how to hold that dream firmly, so that it stays and doesn’t fall apart.

Think about it.

What is the foundation of every dream, every resolution, and every vision you have?

It is the purpose, my friend. It’s the purpose behind your dream.


The stronger your purpose is, easier it will be to complete your resolution.

The bigger your purpose is, more stable your dream will be.

The higher your purpose is, sooner your vision will turn into reality.

When I started working on my purpose of becoming a best-selling author, things became clearer.

My purpose is to reach out to people who struggle each and every day to grow in life and make their dreams a reality. My purpose is to be a part of their journey and help them move forward in whatever way I can.

When my purpose became bigger, my dream looked easier to achieve.

And when I published my next book, it became Amazon No 1 Best-Seller.

My purpose gave me real strength to hold my dream in my hands and make it a reality.


After this experience, I learned a very important lesson of life.Read it very carefully,

Before your “whenever” or whatsoever excuses become a forever thing in your life and eat away the foundation of your dreams,

Take responsibility to make your purpose stronger, bigger and higher, so that it can hold the building of your dreams firmly.

Feed your excuses, get stopped.

Feed your purpose, become unstoppable.


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