Top 10 reasons why I love you my CrazyWifey

Hello #CrazyWifey,

I can’t tell you how fortunate I feel to have you in my life. I don’t stop thanking God and our parents for this wonderful gift.

I remember those times when you had asked me why I love you and I became speechless.

It’s because I can never express it in words why and how much I love you. But as you have asked me, let me try my best and tell you the top 10 reasons why I love you (these are just 10, the list is never ending. I can write for my whole life and the list will go on and on…)

So, without much ado, here are the top 10 reasons why I love you like crazy:


#1. I can never imagine my life without you

No matter how stupid or silly things I do to make you go mad at me. But it’s quite scary to imagine a life without you. I’m clueless what I’ll be without you.


#2. Nothing can replace the true joy I feel when I’m with you

The joy I feel deep in my heart when I’m with you, is priceless. And there’s nothing in this world that can replace it. It soothes me. It keeps me warm in winters and chilled in summers.


#3. Your never-ending love

No matter how mad you are at me, you still keep sending your never ending love. Irrespective of your mood, your care and love for me stays as it is, unaffected. That makes me feel safe and care for you even more.


#4. Every day I find a new You

Everyday I find a new you which is more beautiful than before. That’s the reason I’m always excited to see you no matter whether you are near or far. I don’t know how you do it. But it’s amazing. It makes my life even more colorful.


#5. Your Smile, Wow!

It is the bestest in this world (ignore the grammatical mistake.. haha). There’s nothing better than your smile that make my day. If I see your smile in morning, Oh my God, that’s going to be an awesome day.


#6. The way you hold my arm

The way you hold my arm, when I’m with you, fills me with pride. Not even having a Ferrari can make me feel like this. Wow! I feel honored to be with you. It’s the best feeling. Nothing can make me feel richer than this.



#7. Your sparkling eyes

Your eyes? What to say about them. The first thing can anyone notice about you is your sparkling beautiful eyes. These are like secret windows through which I can peek into your heart. And whenever I get a chance to look through them, it makes me high. (It hits even better than a full bottle of wine or whiskey). I’m already feeling high, just by thinking about them.


#8. Your naughty and mischievous acts

When the child in you comes out, it drives me crazy. It’s so much fun to be with you. That’s another version of you which I love very much. You may do it more often..hahaha..


#9. You always look beautiful

No matter whether you have just woken up with messy hair and swollen eyes or got out of shower with wet hair and fresh fragrance, you always look stunning. Just one look and I’m flat. I always wonder, how do you do that.


#10. When you hug me

Last but the most important. When you hug me, it means the world to me. That’s the moment when I ask nothing more from God, I just ask Him to freeze the moment. I feel I don’t need anything else.


You are…

the biggest treasure,

the most wonderful gift,

the most beautiful blessing and

the most amazing life partner I could ever have.

Thanks for being there. Love you from the depths of my heart. You can get angry at me whenever you wish, you can shout at me whenever you need to and you can love me whenever you feel like, I’m always here for you. Because you are all I have got.

Only yours,

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