What is LOVE?


The other day, I got this small story about LOVE in my inbox from one of my friends. I loved it and thought of sharing with you.

Here it goes.

Once a student asked his teacher, “What is love?”

The teacher said, “in order to answer your question, you have to one thing. Go to the wheat field and choose the biggest wheat and come back.

But the rule is: You can go through them only once and cannot turn back to pick.”

The student went to the field and goes through the first row, he saw one big wheat.

searching love

But he wonders. May be there is a bigger one later.

Then he saw another bigger one and thought “may be there is an even bigger one waiting for him”.

He moved on and found a bigger one. But again thought that there might be even bigger one.

Later, when he finished more than half of the wheat field, he starts to realize that the wheat is not as big as the previous one he saw, he knew he has missed the biggest one, and he regretted.

So, he ended up with nothing. He went back to the teacher with empty hands.

The teacher told him,

“…this is LOVE… You keep looking for better ones, but when later you realize, you have already missed the person”

true love

This is what happens with us. We wait for happiness and love in the future but it is never there. Because it is in this moment, right now in your hands. Just relish it and be grateful for it.

And you must have seen Shah Rukh Khan’s movie, that says…


Tomorrow may or may not be there.

So, be happy now and love what you have in your hands while you strive for the best.

We all have our own definitions and meaning of love. Understanding the true meaning of love not only brings happiness but enables you to live a fulfilled life.

Live your present to the best you can and you will have a life of your dreams.

Yes, I want to find out how I can do it.

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